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Welcome to Assisted Rides

Assisted Rides is designed for organizations & communities that provide rides for senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc.

Whether you have a volunteer driver program or are a full-blown Paratransit Operator Assisted Rides is a service that can make managing your program remarkably easier.

It's fast, easy to set up and packed with features that make it the premier service of it's kind.

Set up ride requests in moments
Track miles and hours volunteered by each driver
Print Google Maps & Turn-by-Turn directions for each trip
Supports any kind of service: in-home visits, yardwork, etc.
Give volunteers permission to "self-assign" rides to themselves
Give clients and family the ability to submit request for rides
Organizations can share the software with our "Areas" feature
SmartPhone accessible
Supports organizations with their own vehicles
Allows a charge to be applied to each ride/print Client Invoices
Calculates per-milage reimbursments by volunteer or client
Extensive reporting by: client, volunteer, trip type, age range, etc.

and much more

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Setting up a Ride is Easy

Assisted Rides makes it easy to set up new ride requests. Drop-down listing of clients, drivers and destinations lets you set up a new request in seconds.

You can track different kinds of rides you provide (medial appointments, grocery shopping, etc.), select the date from a pop-up calendar, add notes and send notifications via email to both client and driver.

Split Trips

For those situations when the client will be several hours at an appointment, you can split the trip and assign two different drivers.

At a Glance Weekly Calendar of Schedule

Assisted Rides provides you with a color-coded weekly view of your scheduled rides and services. Hovering over an entry displays a detailed information box about that request. It's fast and simple to use!

Monthly Calendar of Scheduled Request Helps Keep You on Top of Things

      Assisted Rides tracks how many rides given to each client, volunteered hours, miles and calculate your "in-kind dollars" so critical for grants requiring matching funds. Also tracks "no shows" by client and driver and abondoned rides.

Assisted Rides will also report rides by destination. Allows you to really show different organizations how much of an impact your efforts are having in bringing individuals to their facilities.

If you have many clients that go to the same locations again and again, you can give the administrative staff of those locations their own login so they can schedule new rides as needed. After all, if a client is scheduling their next appointment to a hospital, why not let the same person schedule their ride? This avoids the client forgetting to call you and request the ride later, an important consideration when helping senior citizens or people on disability.

Member Lookup

Puts all the important information about a Client or Volunteer at your fingertips with a simple lookup:

  • Trips scheduled or provided
  • Other Services - i.e. in-home visits, etc.
  • Conditions - i.e. hard of hearing, etc.
  • Cluster Services - i.e. meals-on-wheels, etc.
  • Contacts - address, phone number, relationship
  • Groups Client is a member of (i.e. Veterans, etc.)
  • Call log - incoming/outgoing calls to Client

  • From here you can:

  • Schedule a new trip request
  • Update an existing trip request
  • Schedule an "Other Services" request
  • Update Client/Volunteer information
  • Add a Client/Volunteer note
  • Log incoming/outgoing calls
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions

    Assisted Rides provides turn-by-turn directions that can be printed off to make it easy for Volunteers to know where they are going the first time!

    SmartPhone Accessible

    SmartPhone access allows Volunteers to view the trips assigned to them and for you to schedule new trip requests while on the go!

    Whether you use an iPhone, Droid or other kind of SmartPhone, you always have access to Assisted Rides using the browser built into your device.

    For those organizations with their own vehicles, issue your drivers an iPad or tablet PC and they can receive and make updates to the status of rides throughout the day.

    Display Google Maps

    Assisted Rides uses Google maps to help Volunteers see where they are, the Client and the Destination

    Volunteers can print off their "Trip Manifest" including a map and turn-by-turn directions, put it in their pocket and have all the information they need to complete a trip.

    It's fast, simple and Volunteers love it!

    Assisted Rides is packed with features that make it remarkably powerful

  • Set Up Ride Requests In Moments
  • Track Miles Driven and Hours Volunteered
  • Pre-approve Clients & Drivers
  • Display Needs for Wheelchair, To-The-Door or Thru-The-Door Assistance & "Preferred Drivers"
  • Display Drivers Willingness to Provide Requested Assistance
  • Drivers Can View List of Assigned Rides
  • Drivers Can "Self-Assign" Rides
  • Monitor All Pending Rides On One Page
  • Detail Reporting - by Client or Driver
  • Generate Statements for Client Payments & Driver Reinbursements
  • and much more!
  • Additional Services

    The AlterNetWays Company provides other services for organizations:

  • AlterNetRides - provides carpool, ride share, vanpool services and more for organizations
  • Commuter Challenges - conduct "challenges" to promote all forms of alternative transportation
  • AlterNetMessages - broadcast messages to phones - emergency notifications, school closings, etc.
  • Contact us today to learn more about our great suite of services. Thank you!

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