• Assisted Rides: Elderly woman receiving ride by a volunteer
    Helping Provide Assistance to Those in Need
    Assisted Rides makes it easy to schedule rides for your clients
  • Volunteers Helping People with Other Services
    Connecting Volunteers and Clients
    Assisted Rides can be used for any form of assistance your
    organization provides: in-home visits, respite relief, etc.
  • Volunteer holding hands with woman in wheelchair
    There is nothing more basic than human kindness
    Assisted Rides helps your organization to make that connection
    between client and volunteer

The most complete scheduling and data management software for your program

Welcome to Assisted Rides, the best web-based volunteer driver program management software available. Whether you have volunteer drivers, paid drivers or a mixture of both, Assisted Rides will transform how you conduct business. From scheduling rides and other forms of assistance, to managing your data and extensive reporting, Assisted Rides addresses all of your needs.

We use the expression “and other forms of assistance” because Assisted Rides can be used to schedule and track any form of assistance your organization might provide for your clients: in-home visits, minor home repairs, reassurance phone calls, etc. And with Assisted Rides you can capture all of those volunteer hours such as hours spent attending board meetings, volunteers that help out in the office, etc.


Supports many different kinds of programs, including voluteer drivers, paid drivers, trip model, and more...


Extensive features, including support of multiple destinations, automatic email notifications, turn-by-turn directions, and more...


Launched in 2010, Assisted Rides is already in use across the country, by communities, organizations, and more...


Partnering with other organizations to improve the quality, and access to transportation options, and more...