“ Westside Pacific Villages has enjoyed a 10+ [is that true?] year relationship with Assisted Rides. The system [or platform?] exceeded our expectations in terms of administrative ease and efficiency, improving our operational capacity. Additionally, Assisted Rides reporting capabilities are outstanding, allowing us to easily pull a wide array of data, tailored to our needs. Finally, the Assisted Rides staff is very customer service oriented, always willing to hear customer feedback and make changes/enhancements that improve their overall system. ”

“ I find Assisted Rides to be an excellent and sophisticated technology platform, yet designed with simplicity for the User.
The Platform is HIPAA Secure with Cyber Security and Multi-Factor Authentication.
One of the many favorable aspects is members talk directly to the owners-not a middleman. They have an “open-door policy” with
an ear for modification, if the proposal has merit. There are four main modules to creating a Profile (rider) and scheduling a Trip (ride).
I serve as Education and Training Manager for HealthTran, Jefferson City, Mo. HealthTran provides transportation in rural Missouri using a Volunteer Driver Program-of which the Assisted Rides’ Platform is well suited.
I have trained a good number of Schedulers and all have been successful in using the Platform. I highly recommend Assisted Rides and suggest you look no further-“you have arrived”. ”

“ I really appreciate the system and how much information it provides us as it keeps our clients properly scheduled and in transit to their important appointments. ”