Scheduling Rides

Ride Scheduling

  • Schedule rides in just moments
  • Have up to 6 clients and 3 destinations on a single ride
  • Ability to add additional stops to a ride after it has been completed
  • Track Trip Types - i.e. Medical, Grocery Shopping, Social, etc. - You create a taylored list of Trip Types that works for you
  • Schedule one-way, round trips and/or split trips - split trips allow you to assign one volunteer going and a different volunteer for the return trip
  • Automatic calculation of distances
  • Keeps track of each clients "Favorite Destinations" (where you have taken them in the past)
  • Ability to give volunteers permission to "Self-Assign" where they can log into Assisted Rides and assign rides to themselves
  • Generate recurring rides for an entire month in seconds
  • Automatic email notifications when ride is scheduled
  • Display Google map of each trip
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions for each trip
  • Supports organizations with their own vehicles (i.e. vans) using paid drivers or volunteer drivers
  • Supports organizations that use taxi companies to provide rides
  • Link clients and volunteers who have a personal connection
  • Block clients and volunteers who do not get along
  • Track "Completed", "No-Show Client", "No-Show Driver", "Canceled" trips and more
  • Apply the cost for each ride (optional)
Other Forms of Assistance & Volunteering

Other Forms of Assistance & Volunteering

  • Create a tailored list of the different forms of assistance your organization provides - i.e. in-home visits, minor home repairs, etc.
  • Create a tailored list of the different forms of other kinds of volunteering - i.e. boardmeetings, office volunteers, etc.
  • Create entries for forms of assistance performed by teams - i.e. ramp building, youth groups doing yardwork, etc.


  • Add agency owned vehicles, and assign them to available requests the same way you assign Volunteers
  • Capture Pre/Post-Trip Inspections for your vehicles with customizable questionnaires
  • Track Fuel Logs for your agency owned vehicles
  • Drag-and-drop assignment to vehicles available on the Scheduling page


  • Delivery Programs: Create and save routes, clients, and delivery requests for your programs, and configure them as you need, with starting locations, estimated delivery times, and more
  • One-time Deliveries: Useful for creating a seasonal route that you need to plan and delivery items to specific clients
  • Shuttle Routes: When you have shuttle vans going to specific destinations, you can create the Shuttle Routes that automatically optimize the pickup route


  • Create inventory categories to track specific items that are loaned to people
  • Track the history of specific inventory items, like wheelchairs, and shower chairs
  • Lend items indefinitely, or with an expected return date
Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

  • When your volunteers are working independently with your clients, you can create Outreach Programs to allow the Volunteer to easily track their time and/or mileage
  • Volunteers can be linked to many Clients, for example a Call Tree
  • Outreach Programs can be configured to give Volunteers permissions to create requests, log notes, or record phone calls with their clients
  • Volunteers can be giving Assignments when you need them to contact their Clients immediately, and you can track who has not been contacted
General Features

General Features

  • Member Lookup - A quick summary of a client or volunteer showing rides scheduled, other forms of assistance, emergency contact information and much more
  • Mobile Device version - Able to log into Assisted Rides using your iPhone, Android or other smart phones while on the go
  • Display pictures of your clients and volunteers
  • Track language preference of clients and volunteers
  • Capture client conditions - i.e. Uses a Walker, Hard of Hearing, etc.
  • Create "groups" you want to report on - i.e. veterans, legally blind, etc.
  • Group destinations for reporting purposes - i.e. show how many rides provided to multiple outlets of a grocery store chain
  • Built-in email function allows you to "shotgun" emails to your staff, volunteers and clients
  • Volunteer calendar - allows you to create calendar entries when volunteers are not available - blocks you from assigning them rides
  • Capture "source" - how did a client learn about your program: newpaper, word-of-mouth, etc.
  • Public and Internal notes - Public notes are seen by your drivers; internal notes are for your office workers only
  • Can be configured to be HIPAA compliant
  • When setting up volunteers you can indicate what days of the week they wish to volunteer
  • Specify any time constraints a volunteer has for each day of the week
  • Link clients and volunteers to the congregation where they attend service
  • Agency Calendar - allows you to create entries when your office is closed (i.e. Christmas, New Years, etc.) and will block scheduling rides on those days
  • Volunteer Log - allows volunteers to log volunteer hours themselves - i.e. log in-home visits, boardmeeting attendance, etc.
Reporting Features

Reporting Features

  • Extensive reporting capability giving you the ability to report by:
    • Client, Volunteer, County, City, Ethnic Group, CDBG Groups, Age Range, Trip Types
    • Member Groups (i.e. Veterans), Destination Groups (i.e. Medical organization with multiple clinics)
    • Congregation, Destinations, Inactive Clients, Forms of Assistance, Low Income