Assisted Rides

Helping organizations deal with COVID-19

2020 was a year unlike anything before. As a company that specializes in software helping organizations schedule rides and services, our Clients were greatly impacted. Volunteer Drivers needed to stay safe, and that meant that they couldn't drive people, nor could they go to someone's home for a reassurance visit. It left a lot of people desperate for services that they needed, and limited ways to accommodate them.

We are proud to say that we modified the Assisted Rides software platform to quickly adapt to COVID-19. We added new features that helped our Clients support their communites in the short-term, while at the same time creating tools that will give Assisted Rides improved functionality long-term. Some of the features added because of COVID-19 are:

We will continue to improve Assisted Rides, and how the software handles the scheduling of safely providing the rides and services needed by communities.