Volunteer Opportunities

Assisted Rides is used by many organizations around the country that provide rides and other forms of assistance for those in need: seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, cancer survivors and others. Many of these organization rely on the tireless efforts of their volunteers; people just like you, who feel a need to give back to the community and country that has given them so much.
Providing rides and other forms of assistance to help seniors who can no longer drive stay in the home they’ve known for so many years; to help individuals with a disability live a full and productive life or help a veteran or cancer survivor when they need help the most is extremely rewarding. Volunteering helps built that connection between each of us and makes for a better, more loving community where everyone is welcomed and supported.
Select the state where you live and see if there is an organization near you where you can volunteer and make a difference in other people’s lives and yours. Complete the short form and you will be contacted by that organization in a few days.
Thank you,
The staff of Assisted Rides.