Assisted Rides Redesign

Why did we redesign Assisted Rides?

As it’s often said, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. Our old home page was not making the kind of first impression we wanted.

Assisted Rides was launched in 2010. What started off life as a fairly simple ride scheduling software has evolved into a remarkably robust, powerful, richly textured application that supports many kinds of organizations and many forms of assistance.

The growth of Assisted Rides has been nothing short of remarkable. This year, 2015, we are on pace to help provide 350,000 rides and services and may, before the end of the year, reach our first million since Assisted Rides was launched. It was time to give our home page a facelift and do a better job of telling our story.

This is a sign of our commitment to the organizations that already use Assisted Rides.
It’s important that our home page; the page where all volunteers come to log in, is visually appealing. We want your volunteers (and you) to be proud of being a part of the growing family of Assisted Rides organizations.

We are very proud in how far we have come in just five short years. But we are not sitting on our hands thinking that we’ve got it made. We are deeply committed to constantly enhancing Assisted Rides. It was time we “spread our wings” and show the world just how beautiful Assisted Rides has become.

Thank you,

Mark Evanoff – President
The AlterNetWays Company